Re-Energizing Technology

The Battery Doctors new generation re-energizing system is simple to use. It was designed with the intent to be automated and easy to follow to ensure consistency in quality and performance.
There are three major components in the re-energizing process: the ProTec
testing equipment, the ProBat battery life extender chemicals and the ProCharge re-energizing stations.

Our re-energizing process starts with selecting batteries which still have sound plates and removing the excess sulphation. ProBat dissolves the hard crystallized sulfate from the plates and returns it into the electrolyte thus re-establishing the normal battery voltage and amperage. The ProCharge Re-energizing station activates the ProBat to recondition the plates and then recharges the batteries to finish the process.

This is the most effective method for re-energizing a mechanically sound sulfated battery, because the addition of ProBat can rejuvenate the cells and keep hard-crystallized sulphation from forming again for quite some time and, you do not have to take the battery apart.