As the worldwide leader in battery re-energizing, Battery Doctors has been providing affordable quality batteries for many years. Worldwide battery sales and services have expanded into many different industries. The Battery Doctors re-energizing technology is being used in over 50 countries serving many different industries.

Battery Doctors has developed a prominent global battery brand called reNovo. This brand signifies affordability, quality, performance and dependability. This unique combination allows anyone using the Battery Doctors technology to offer batteries at about half the price of new retail batteries with full warranties.

Whether a company that purchases large quantities of batteries annually, a small company focused on reducing their battery costs, a local business interested in reselling reNovo brand batteries or a consumer looking for a great battery, Battery Doctors can offer professional high quality and dependable batteries at a fraction of the cost. By purchasing a reNovo battery you can save up to 60% and still receive an industry leading full replacement warranty.