Battery Buying Group

The Battery Doctors Battery Buying Group is an exclusive "members only" group that is allowed to purchase the Battery Doctors reNovo Global Battery Brand at significant below wholesale pricing. Whether your business needs batteries for your fleet of vehicles or equipment, or you wish to resell these batteries at great margins, Battery Doctors can help you.


The batteries are re-energized in Large Production Facilities in the US. Each facility has a stringent quality control program where each battery is inspected throughout the process numerous times ensuring high quality performance. Production times are quick and order can ship within just a few days.


Batteries are sold in various quantities with a minimum of 200 batteries per order. Numerous sizes and type of batteries are available. High volume orders also receive additional discounts.


Members also have three options for branding the batteries.

  1. Are allowed to utilize the Global Battery Brand reNovo
  2. Can customize the batteries with your personal battery brand
  3. Can private label your customers brand as a premium service

To become an exclusive member of the Battery Buying Group the following criteria must be met:


  • Complete the application and submit membership payment
  • Orders must be made in quantities of 200 or more batteries per order
  • Place at least one order per year to maintain an active membership


To request more information and schedule a conversation with our Battery Buying Group representative please click here and complete the contact us form.